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Connect, educate
& support women
in criminal law


Women in Crime (WIC) is an association designed to connect, educate and support female lawyers practising in criminal law. We aim to ensure the longevity and prosperity of female practitioners.


WIC was established to promote our women, create exclusive networking opportunities and target specific concerns facing our area of law. Through our regular networking events and free educational seminars we are able to bond as a community and inspire each other. These collective learning opportunities enable lawyers to achieve professional goals, encourage each other and creatively deal with issues such as vicarious trauma, stress and burn-out. The benefits of our social events are widely appreciated by our members and are well attended. Our local and regional breakfast club events promote informal discussion and sharing of ideas with lawyer and Judicial members over coffee.


Our annual mentoring program directly connects our lawyers with senior solicitors, barristers and judicial staff and instils confidence and drive in our mentees. Membership is open to all legal professionals and law students without regard to age, race, religion,  We welcome members to subscribe at no charge through our website and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn. By subscribing you will receive update emails about our events and information on how you can be involved in our mentoring program. There are also helpful resources for lawyers in our resources tab. While our association and mentoring program is for women, our events are open to all criminal lawyers and we are based in Melbourne, Australia


Established in 2014, we draw upon the wealth and experience of senior members of the profession and judiciary. Each year we are honoured with a Patron, Magistrate or Judge who brings with them their unique knowledge and connections that are used to further promote our cause. The 2023 Patron is Her Honour Judge Ellis of the County Court of Victoria. 

The 2023 committee consists of Peta Smith, Erin Finnigan, Vivienne Jones, Rebecca Glew, Georgia Suhren, Claudia Flocke and Khushi Malhotra

Each year, a new leading member of the profession acts
as the patron for 
Women in Crime. 


The Honourable Justice Hannan, Chief Magistrate

 is our founding patron
and has committed 
a huge amount of energy and support to WIC.

In 2016, 2017,2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 their Honours Judge Gaynor, Judge Gwynn, Magistrate Cameron, Honourable Justice Hollingworth, Judge Leighfield, Judge Todd and Magistrate Altman each stepped into the role & supported us in many successful events.  Our past Patrons continue to hold an integral role in our association. 

Our Patrons

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